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Eye Health

Our senses are our contact with the world, and vision is the most precious.

We're aware of the importance of maintaining our overall well-being, but eye health is often overlooked or neglected. Regular eye examinations are important whether or not you have perfect vision because it's not simply a matter of how well you see. There could be underlying problems. Here are some signs and symptoms suggesting an eye test is necessary:

Loss of Clarity

Blurriness is the most common complaint that may indicate you need glasses. However, you may also experience ‘smudging’ or ‘ghosting’ in your vision, especially at night. Symptoms can also be as simple as the need to put extra effort into focussing, or requiring a few extra blinks before being able to comfortably see or read. This can apply whether you are focusing on something close or in the distance, or even when you’re adjusting from one to the other.

Digital Eye Strain

If your eyes are tired, irritated, red, itchy or dry after using a computer, phone or any digital device, you may be suffering from digital eye strain. Small text and pixelated screens force our eyes to work harder to focus, leading to increased tiredness and poor concentration. Using a phone or computer in bed before sleep results in overexposure to blue light, which can alter your sleep pattern and keep you awake.


Headaches can be caused by squinting, over focussing or eye strain, particularly when it is proving difficult to read or see. An underlying problem means the small muscles in the eyes must work harder, causing eye tiredness and headaches. On the other hand, headaches can also reflect on eye health conditions or problems beyond the eye.

Family History

Eye examinations are extremely important if you have a family history of eye conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. Most eye diseases are subtle during their initial stages, so early detection is vital. Ocular fundus examinations enable us to look for signs of systemic disease including cardio vascular issues and diabetes. When necessary appropriate referrals are made to relevant specialists.