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Winter is coming!

As we head into the cooler months we’ll be layering up and breaking into the boots and coats. It might be time to change your eyewear look. We have new season pieces coming in from across the globe. This year we are seeing exciting colours like sage and khaki as well as new tones of transparent frames that remind us of a warm winter drink (...whiskey).

Keep your sunnies on

Clouds don't block all harmful UV rays so your eyes are at risk even if it doesn't feel like a sunny day.
Our sunglasses provide the strongest possible protection against damaging UV rays. The lenses are also treated with a back surface coating preventing the reflected UV from the back of the lenses.

Keep your dry-eye at bay

COVID has changed the way we live and work. It may mean you're spending more time indoors in an air conditioned environment staring at a computer screen for hours on end. We blink less when we're concentrating in front of a computer screen, so dry-eye could become a problem.
Masks are important tools for keeping COVID at bay. They may also cause ocular surface dryness due to the upward air flow from mask wear.
We offer dry-eye assessment and treatment at Optique.

Contact lenses

Try to give your eyes as many breaks from contact lenses as possible. Switch to your glasses when you get home if you've been in the office all day and think about giving your eyes a full day’s rest from contacts as frequently as possible.